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Municipal, County and State Right of Way Permits

Commercial Zoning and Building Permits

Department of Community Affairs

Historic & Landmark Preservation Approvals

Zoning and other Code Violation Resolutions

Department of Transportation

Landlord Approval of Construction Documents

Surrounding Property Owner Negotiations

Soils Approval

Specialty Board Approvals

Department of City Planning

Certificate of Approval/ Completion/ Occupancy

Project Closeouts

Resolution Compliance/Planning & Zoning Board Approval

Utility Permits Connection & Schedule Installations

Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimating

Bond Reductions

Legal, Historical, Financial Research

Project Management

Inspection Coordination

After Hours Work Permits

Site Surveys

Code & Zoning Consulting & Review

Drawing of Construction Documents

Subdivision Application Tracking and Processing

Residential Zoning and Building Permits

Department of Environmental Protection

Ground-Up Services for all New Construction