We obtain permits from New England to Florida. Listed below are a few of our notes on the most frequently visited building departments.


The State Building Code requires a written affidavit from the property owner, or the agent must execute a signed statement in front of the building official, both indicating that the agent is authorized to apply for the permit on behalf of the property owner.


The State of Maryland has adopted the most recent International Building Code, please be aware of the new 2012 code when designing for construction.



The State Building Code establishes that an inspector has 30 days after submission of a completed application to render a response. A thoroughly prepared submission package can reduce this timeframe. 


Building depts. accept a standardized set of forms throughout the state. Past this the submission requirements will vary for each municipality. In addition to the state building codes, as in many areas of the country, locally adopted ordinances may also affect a project. 


NYC – Requires expediters to be registered and has a form and a process for every task. The permit process remains consistent throughout the boroughs, as do the plan requirements. Special Inspections are a more recent requirements and have added a process to assist the final project closeout.

Long Island – Forms, required submissions, review process and timing will vary between building depts. Be aware, many building depts. require a survey be submitted with your application, even with interior only alterations.

Westchester, Upstate and Downstate NY – From Yonkers to Little Falls, forms applications and the process will vary. Look at RPZ requirements for any new construction/enlargements.




Plans for ADA improvements are reviewed by the state agency and permitted through the locality.

Philadelphia – requires expediters to be licensed. We renew this annually as we navigate various department reviews. Plans often need review by streets and zoning along with other standard departments.


Reviews are county initiated and departmentalized. As with all localities a careful review of the plans is necessary to determine whether there will be outside agency referrals.



Be sure to check the historic district status f your building for all proposed development. DC much like the state of Washington allows for same day plan review in many cases with a meeting with the plan reviewer to discuss objections.